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Bank History

Congressman Edward Scull and the fourth of his six sons, George R. Scull were the prime forces behind the chartering of The First National Bank of Somerset, Pennsylvania in 1889. Together they controlled 150 of the initial 500 shares of the bank’s $100.00 par value stock. Each became a member of the bank’s first board of directors and continued to serve in that capacity for the remainder of his life. Edward Scull was the bank’s first president and served in this office until his death in 1900. George R. Scull succeeded his father as president and filled that office until he died in 1935.

In 1900 George R. Scull headed a group that founded Somerset Trust Company. Mr. Scull served as a director and president of this bank from its formation until his death.
The two banks were not formed to compete with each other. At the time Somerset Trust Company was founded, banks with national charters were the only banks authorized to issue national currency and were considered by many of those whose financial transactions covered a wide area to be more desirable as depositories. On the other hand, Pennsylvania chartered banks with trust powers were permitted to undertake fiduciary and bonding activities from which national banks were generally prohibited. The two banks complemented each other and normally acted as partners rather than competitors.
Over the years changing laws and regulations erased most of the differences between the powers of federally and state chartered banks. In 1953 to achieve the economies inherent in the operation of one bank as opposed to two, The First National Bank and Somerset Trust Company were merged under the latter’s charter. Combined assets of the bank at that time were approximately eight million dollars.
Throughout the years, the bank has grown and prospered. During this time, George S. Cook, great grandson of Congressman Edward Scull, served for 34 years as the bank's president and CEO. In 1959, the bank opened an auto bank, one of the first drive-up facilities in Western Pennsylvania. In the 1970's, the bank acquired a property on West Main Street in Somerset and proceeded to build new headquarters which provided abundant space for parking and an increased staff, and improved accessibility for automobiles. Following the opening of the new building in 1975, the bank experienced a period of rapid growth, particularly in commercial and trust areas.

Today, G. Henry Cook, the sixth member of the family to head the institution, is president and CEO and serves as chairman of the board. The bank continues to expand its branch and ATM network throughout Somerset, Cambria, Bedford, Fayette, Garrett, and Westmoreland counties building on a reputation as a customer oriented community bank.