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Phishing Scams are on the Increase
January 21, 2014

Phishing Scams are on the increase.
Do not give your personal information or respond to unsolicited attempts requesting sensitive information or access to your computer. Simply end the phone call or delete the email or text.
Several of our customers are reporting that they have received phone calls from 888-214-3023 and 888-314-3023 reporting their debit card has been compromised. The caller asks them to enter their social security number and debit card number. Some customers have reported receiving a text message originating from 814-214-3023 and the “Beneficial Dept.”
Additionally, we are aware of another phishing scam. Here’s the email from the customer from someone claiming to be from Computer Technical Support.
“Last night I received a call at home from someone claiming to be from Computer Technical Support telling me that there were errors that I could not see on my Windows computer that were "worse than viruses, malware, or Trojans". He wanted me to give him access to my computer so he could "fix" it for me and when I stalled to try to get more information he got very pushy. I told him I was having trouble hearing him and he gave me a phone number of 213-216-2270 so I could call him back. That number originates in California, but I was unable to find anything else. The caller had a very thick Indian accent.”

Please visit the Security Awareness section of our website.