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A convenient way to manage your money, set spending goals, and calculate your net worth from any device.
With Money Manager you can keep track of your spending and make adjustments in order to meet savings goals.  Want to save for a vacation or a new TV?  Use Money Manager to help.

Money Manager features:

  • Dashboard
    Add & update accounts, edit/delete
    Tag transactions, split tagging, search/advanced search, export transactions
    Visual snapshot of what's important to the user
  • Budget
   Create Spending target, view trends
  • Cash Flow
  Add income/bill, mark bills paid, view other months
  • Goals
   Add payoff/savings goal
  • Net worth
    Add asset/debt
  • Alerts
      Find out when bills come due 
      Fraud mitigation, purchase notification(s)
Enrollment is quick and easy. Simply log into online banking and click Money Manager from the side menu.  Or register for STC Anywhere first to get started.

Money Manager User Guide