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Other Account Fees

Fees may be changed by the bank at any time after reasonable notice of not less than 30 days. As per Federal regulations, this disclosure applies to consumer accounts.

Check Order
Fees for checks may vary depending on styles and designs. $ Varies
Cash withdrawal at a non-Somerset Trust banking machine $ 1.00
Copy of Check Image
if more than 5 per month $ 1.00
Stop Payment Fee, per item
includes automatic items $25.00
Off-cycle Statement
if 5 or more per month $ 5.00
Snapshot Statement
  $ 3.00
Unavailable Funds Fee
Business Accounts (No daily limit) $35.00
Consumer (Personal) Accounts ($210.00 daily limit) $35.00
Per paid item or per returned item
Insufficient Funds (Overdraft), per item
Business Accounts (No daily limit) $35.00
Consumer (Personal) Accounts ($210.00 daily limit) $35.00
Applies to overdrafts created by check, ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Return Check Fee
for deposited items $ 3.00
Post-dated Check Return
  $ 2.00
Research Fee 
includes checkbook balancing $20.00 per hour / $5.00 minimum
Note: If error was made by bank, fee is waived.
BillPay - Inactivity Fee
There is a $5.00 inactivity fee if no bill payments are made during any 2-month period based on the anniversary date of your enrollment. $ 5.00