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Helpful Hints for BillPay
  1. Various security features are built into STC OnLine BillPay. They are designed to give you peace of mind that your information is secure and that you are accessing the correct bill pay web site.

  2. After you enroll, you’ll receive an email regarding your enrollment, generally within the next two business days.

  3. When you create your payees, it’s a good idea to have your payee information handy – payee address, phone number and your account number with the payee. The bill pay system will guide you through the process. If you have a payee where you do not have an account number, such as your babysitter, enter information in the account number that would help identify you to the payee.

  4. When you create a payment, you’ll be asked to set the date you want the payment to process. (Process date is the day processing of the payment is initiated.) Single payments are processed on the business day you designate the payment to be processed, provided the payment request is received prior to the cut-off time. Recurring payments will be processed on the dates you have designated, unless such date falls on a non-business day resulting in your payment being processed on the next business day. Payments are debited from your designated account and sent within 24 hours of the process date.

    For ‘Electronic’ payments, you must allow a minimum of three (3) business days for payment to reach your payee.

    For ‘Check’ payments, the number of days to allow for payments to reach your payee depends on the location of the payee. Use the following recommendations to ensure your payment is received on time.

    • Payees located in Central or Eastern U.S., allow a minimum of five (5) business days;

    • Midwest, allow a minimum of seven (7) business days;

    • West Coast and Hawaii, allow a minimum of eight (8) business days. 

  5. There are a few payee types that you are not permitted to pay using STC OnLine BillPay. PAYEE RESTRICTIONS are:

    • The merchant must be located in the United States .

    • Payments may not be remitted to tax authorities or government and collection agencies.

    • Payments may not be remitted to security companies to settle securities transactions or trade taxing authorities.

    • Court-directed payments are not permitted (alimony, child support, or other legal debts).

  6. Insurance companies. You may have more than one vehicle or item insured by the same insurance company. Each item has a different policy number that is your account number. HINT- Create a new payee for each policy number and use the Payee nickname to identify the specific vehicle or item that is insured. (Payee nickname, ‘2015 Jaguar’ or more realistically, ‘2013 minivan’.)