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Heartbleed Bug
April 11, 2014

What is the Heartbleed bug and will it affect me?
Heartbleed is a vulnerability in some very specific versions of encryption software used to encrypt (or scramble) and send some of the data through the Internet.  It could allow fraudsters to read information secured using this vulnerable software. It is primarily used by servers. If you are running Windows on your home PC, it is very unlikely your personal computer is using this software. 

Is STC OnLine Banking a target? Are my accounts safe?
STC Online banking as well as our internal secure webservers are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.  We have been in touch with all of our vendors to make sure they are safe as well.
What should I do to protect myself?
While our servers are not vulnerable to this bug, sound security practices include changing your passwords frequently.  We recommend that you consider changing your STC Online banking password.  This is especially important if you use that same password on other sites as it may have been compromised there.