Somerset Trust Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Published on October 26, 2017

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the western Gulf Coast and Houston, Somerset Trust Company acted quickly to be of assistance to the area. In addition to sending non-perishable items and cleaning supplies, the bank pledged to make a donation using ATM fees from its ATM network. There are 79 ATMs in the bank’s six-county network.  The donation also includes private individual contributions.

“We know that a storm like this can totally disrupt people’s lives, as well as banking services. We heard the Texas Bankers Association and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas established a relief fund in partnership with other banking organizations. The initiative supports relief efforts for thousands of people displaced and harmed by Hurricane Harvey,” explained Somerset Trust CEO and Chairman G. Henry Cook.

It will take months for the Texas communities to recover from what is being referred to as the “1000-year flood”. The area affected is the equivalent of the distance from Boston to New York and then 100 miles inland.

“Somerset Trust is glad we are able to help residents as well as fellow bankers of the area as they rebuild and recover,” commented Cook.

Somerset Trust Company donates $32,839 to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.