Office Teller  

Deposit Checks Electronically from Your Desktop
  • Faster funds availability
  • Make deposits anytime
  • Save time preparing deposits
  • Consolidate funds from remote locations into one bank
  • Cut costly courier fees or trips to the bank
  • Reduce risk of check fraud


Electronic Payroll Plus (EPP)  

A quick, inexpensive, and dependable way for you to do business, minus the paper.
  • Electronic Deposit of Payroll with no minimum number of employees required to offer direct deposit and not all employees have to participate.
  • ACH Payments- Initiate ACH payments in order to make vendor or supplier payments.
  • Collections- A type of ACH Receipts that can be used to collect recurring customer payments. (example: a fitness center membership)
  • ACH Receipt- Used for cash concentration purposes. Pulls money from outside bank accounts and deposits funds in a designated STC account. Great for businesses with multiple locations across a larger region.
  • Wire Payments to third parties


Merchant Online Access  

Simplify the wide variety of tasks needed to manage your card payments or sales transactions processed through Somerset Trust.
Merchant Online Access is an Internet-based tool with powerful features providing access to your business' credit card transaction processing information, including:
  • Batch deposit information and transaction details
  • Returns
  • Retrieval/Chargeback information
  • Cardholder account inquiries
  • Deposits
  • Statements

Business Credit and Debit Cards 

Do you need to separate your business and personal expenses, improve cash flow management or simply want to monitor business expenses better?
The Somerset Trust Company Mastercard BusinessCard® credit card is the tool for you!
  • Central summarized billing to your business
  • Individual billings for each cardholder's review
  • Individual accounts for employees with your business name and the employees' name displayed on the card
  • Ability to set and monitor individual cardholder spending limits
  • Free online account management
  • Free participation in STC's 24/7 fraud protection program
With the Somerset Trust Company Mastercard BusinessCard® credit card you will enjoy convenience, security, and unsurpassed acceptance. Contact us for an application.
The Business Check Card is a debit card for businesses that allows you a higher daily spending limit. Combined with the convenience of no longer having to write checks and the ability to use an ATM for cash, it is a win win for small business expenses.
Use your Somerset Trust cards if you travel out of the country and avoid the typical 1% - 3% foreign transaction fee. Somerset Trust Company cards do not carry any foreign transaction fees (monetary exchange rates apply).